Your GDPR compliance software in one package

Monitor your compliance with project management tools and dashboard

GDPR365 is a single piece of GDPR compliance software that enables small and medium-sized enterprises to show and maintain compliance with the EU data privacy regulation. Our software provides the tools and analysis to facilitate compliance assessments, data protection impact assessments, staff training, governance, data breach management, subject access management and GDPR guidance. GDPR365 helps you to become, and stay, compliant.

  • Empower your company to become compliant
  • Run data mapping exercises
  • Keep a record of your data processing activities
Article 30 and the necessity of data mapping

Compliance = Trust

Compliance with the GDPR means your customers can trust you. The compliance process involves letting your customers know how you’re collecting, storing and processing their personal data.

Find the right plan

GDPR365 is built for organisations of all sizes. There are four plans, ranging from  the Profession Plan, which services up to 9 employees to the Enterprise Plan, which services more than 250 employees.