GDPR training and staff

The GDPR is a complex regulation.

You need to make sure your managers have sufficient understanding of the requirements of the GDPR so they can implement and maintain your ogranisation’s compliance programme. Some training is included in GDPR365, but you may want additional training.
We can offer the following:

GDPR introduction

GDPR preparedness training

GDPR365 includes an online video training course for a certain number of managers who may be assigned responsibilities related to the GDPR. This 12-module online training programme is based on ICO guidelines and will give individuals a baseline understanding of the GDPR. If you’re interested in purchasing additional courses, each course costs 15 euros.

Staff awareness training

Every GDPR365 plan includes basic awareness training for staff who handle data on a regular basis. You can purchase additional staff training sessions for 3 euros each.

One-day practical course

With our partners, GDPR365 offers a one-day course that’ll provide a more thorough and intensive understanding of what the GDPR is and how it’ll affect your organisation. You’ll walk away with a practical understanding of what your organisation needs to do and supporting collateral to use as a reference throughout your training.


On-site training

Our trainers are industry veterans in data protection. After a one-day visit to your organisation, they can tailor-make training to suit your requirements.


We’re standing by to help

For advice and guidance on GDPR training options