• Easy-to-Use
  • Collaboration and notifications
  • Reporting tools included
A comprehensive dashboard to monitor your compliance status

Bring better tools to make GDPR compliance efficient, so you can focus on what really matters to you.

Our intuitive workflow and user-friendly task management will reduce the time and costs dedicated to compliance. The overview of your personal data processing will ensure your data protection measures are thorough and managing them on an ongoing basis will require minimal effort.
GDPR365 makes it easy for your team to collaborate. Your team will be able to:
  • implement, document and review your personal data governance practices
  • your technical and organizational security measures
With the dashboard, you will have immediate overview of the risk, status and responsible stakeholder on every compliance item. So you know where your data protection risks are.
Our breach workflows make it easy to assess the severity of a risk. It will let you know if you need to inform your supervisory authority or the impacted data subject. The breach log gives you a history of the events and record the action to mitigate the breach to prevent similar occurrences.
Our DSAR case management will walk you through the response process and remind you of upcoming deadlines. The software use your data map to reduce your time to response by telling you what data you hold on the data subject and where it is.
The data mapping tool identify and track personal data flows easily. It will automatically build our your records of processing activities. You will be able to visualize it and generate reports.
The DPIA workflow will make sure you’ve done a thorough assessment of the risks on your data processing activities. So you can make sure you’ve implemented “Data Protection by Design” to address them.

Platform for workflow management and documentation

  • For team members
  • For employees
  • For processors
  • For regulators
  • For clients

A collaborative Tool

One person can’t do compliance. We provide collaboration tools for efficient teamwork.

Assign Tasks

Getting GDPR compliant is a team effort. Assign tasks and monitor their achievements.

Upload and Share Documents

Hosted in the cloud, you can upload documents and share it with your team.

Be Notified

A task is done, a deadline is coming, the software is notifying you.