Respond A subject access request (SAR)

easy-to-use sAR tool inside the solution

Under the GDPR individuals have the right to access their personal data. The procedure is known as subject accessGDPR365‘s subject access tool enables small and medium-sized organisations to receive and validate a request, process a request and generate the necessary SAR form to be able to respond within the GDPR’s stipulated timeframe

  • Respond to subject access requests in good time
  • Know how to provide personal data to data subjects
  • Prove you’re using data subjects’ personal data legally 

what is a sar?

A subject access request is a request made by a data subject for the information that your organisation holds about him or her. Data subjects have the right to receive this information without charge and within 30 days.

Article 15 of the GDPR states that data subjects have the right to find out how controllers are using their personal information. Data subjects also have to right to ask controllers to stop using their information or erase it altogether.