Partner Programmes: we built GDPR365 with you in mind

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Your firm’s use of GDPR365 will help you to create a stable, recurring income from your GDPR consultancy. We’ll make sure your staff knows how to use GDPR365 so you can improve your efficiency and grow your business
Deepen relationships

Deepen relationships

Grow your business by becoming an essential partner to your clients

Receive revenue

Receive revenue

Create retainer-based relationships that generate recurring revenue

Prove value

Prove value

Give your clients compliance-tailored roadmaps and reports

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Partner Pricing Model Partner Support
Your customers remain your customers.
  • We’re less than half the price of competing solutions
  • You don’t have to sell our solution exclusively
  • You decide what to charge your customers
When you need help there’s a real, live person to call.
  • Support is available by phone and email, and via training videos
  • We don’t charge partners for support
Partner features Partnership cost and commitment
GDPR365 is designed to help you retain your customers through:
  • A rebranded interface, masked domain, login screen, notifications, and more
  • Management of all your clients in one place, with a single login
  • Simple client management that makes it easy to set up clients via your partner portal (without calling us), and gives custom access for each of your users
  • Flexible templates that enable you to tailor compliance questions and share policies with just one or all of your clients
We ask for an annual commitment and £1200. In return we provide you with:
  • Initial onboarding and training
  • A GDPR365 licence for your own account
  • A licence for your first client account with either the Business+, Business or Pro plan
  • A free demo account
  • As many template accounts as you need
  • Access to the partner portal
  • Marketing support
  • Ability to purchase additional licences at discounts of 20 to 50% depending on volume
What we provide What we need your team to do
  • Our comprehensive data governance solution for your clients
  • Access to a partner portal where you can add customers
  • Training for your staff on GDPR365
  • Advice on customer onboarding strategies
  • Designate a go-to person
  • Promote the offering on your site and to your clients
  • Gather a list of leads to target
  • Use GDPR365 for your business
  • Schedule a kick-off meeting with GDPR365

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