The GDPR365 partner resource page provides partners with specific marketing and guidance information




These resources are available for partners who have a signed agreement with GDPR

  • Downloadable partner logo
  • A partner training section
  • How to use our blogs in your marketing
  • Marketing collateral for your campaigns
  • How to market GDPR to your clients as well as prospects
  • Marketing assistance we can provide for all your business campaigns
  • Commissions and rebates
  • Do's and Dont's with our content








Partner Logo Download

The partner logo is available for you to use as you require on your website, in your emails and on your social networking pages.

The logos shown below are for viewing only, please click here to download these and larger sizes as required.

GDPR Partner logo 1 


Partner logo 2


Click here to download a partner logo set as a zip file


Partner Training and useful links

Below please find a number of hyperlinks which give you the opportunity to read our 6 Lessons in 6 days GDPR course.


Using content from our blogs

We encourage you to use our blogs for your marketing, these are available at the following location GDPR365 Blogs

The following guidelines apply when using our blog articles:

  • Never copy our blogs verbatim and paste onto your site, search engines will penalise both your site and ours for duplicate content.
  • When linking to our blogs, write an original introduction paragraph and then link our hyperlink into your paragraph for further reading.
  • When using our blog articles in LinkedIn / Facebook please paste OUR url into the content block and then type your intro paragraph as an original paragraph.
  • We shall send out an email to you when a new blog is published, in order that you may then post it in your social media and use it in email correspondence.

Marketing Collateral

The following is the marketing collateral we have available for you to use within our recommended guidelines in order to grow your user base on GDPR365.

1. Download our GDR365 – Prepare for GDPR Compliance Infographic This can be used in:

  • Email campaigns
  • Social media (LinkedIn / Facebook) posts
  • A link from your website

2. GDPR – 6 lessons in 6 days’ course. This can be used in:

  • Email campaigns
  • Social media (LinkedIn / Facebook) posts
  • A link from your website

The subscription form and the 6 lessons are as follows:

The subscription link is used in the email you will send out to your clients, please see the next section as to how to embed this in the correct email with the URL which links it to you for future registrations.

Subscription link –



GDPR365 Data Sheet - Click the image to download.


How to market to your existing customers

We provide you with a hyperlink to GDPR365 which includes a unique referrer identification token.

An example would be

This link is sent to you when you register as a partner with GDPR365.

So if you wanted to send out the 6 Lessons in 6 days’ subscription to your customer base you would write an email and include the following URL

where “MYPARTNER” is the referrer identification token you have received in your registration email.

We make it even easier by giving you the suggested text of the emails to send as follows, these are available for you to view, copy and amend in the following downloadable PDF.

Download a pdf of a 3 email journey you could use to introduce the training course to your clients


Partner Lesson Journey

We are also offering a specific Partner Lessons journey.

Click here to download the first email that will push your clients to the registration page, it is located here: [include you referral id]

Marketing Assistance

GDPR365’s partner model relies on sending out targeted and customised email journeys.

We use a company called Headalight to prepare and send our journeys.

As part of your partnership with GDPR365, we offer you the exclusive opportunity to make use of Headalight’s services and software at a substantially reduced rate.

This service will be available to you for use for your entire company’s marketing requirements and not only for the GDPR365 related activities.

Please view their service offering at Headalight Digital Marketing

Commissions and rebates

We pay the agreed commissions on an ongoing, recurring basis as a percentage of the revenue collected. Payments are made quarterly in arrears to your nominated bank account.

Do's and Don'ts

In order to ensure that you conform to our standards and methods we ask you to follow the following guidelines when using our content and marketing the GDPR service:

  • Use our service as your own GDPR compliance service.
  • Use the correct links we provide to place the Privacy notice for each input form on your site(s).
  • Use the correct link we provide to place the Subject Access Query request on your site.
  • Please do not use our content in any way which does not recognize its source or our GDPR365 service.
  • Please do not copy our content and de-identify it as having come from GDPR365.
  • Ensure that all marketing conforms with the requirements of the GDPR in terms of direct marketing to existing customers as well as to prospective customers.