The role of the Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Under the GDPR you need to name a DPO

A DPO is a person who is given formal responsibility for data protection compliance within an organisation. The exact responsibilities of a DPO will vary from organisation to organisation, depending on the collection, storage and processing of personal data taking place. 

  • DPOs can use GDPR365 to support their role
  • Some, but not all, organisations need to appoint a DPO
  • A DPO can be a staff member or an external contractor

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Definition of a data breach

A DPO ensures that the personal data being kept by an organisation is secure from accidental loss, unauthorised use, theft and damage.  

The professional qualifications of a DPO

The GDPR doesn’t stipulate the credentials of a DPO, but it does state that he or she needs to be a person of high professional quality, with expert knowledge of data protection law and practices.