Supporting GDPR compliance in businesses and organisations



GDPR guidance

Understand what your business or organisation needs
to become compliant with the GDPR.

Compliance assessment

Create a profile based on your operations and map your data management
to generate a customised data protection programme.

Data Protection Officer

Empower your DPO or responsible parties with the tools to implement and oversee ongoing compliance.


Generate and serve customised data protection policies and contracts to your clients.


Bring your staff quickly up to speed on their data protection through training and awareness programmes.

Data sharing

Limit your liability by defining contractually what other controllers
can do with the personal data you share with them.


 Manage subject consent, HR practices, information use and security, and electronic marketing and profiling.

Data Protection Impact Assessment

 Assess any data processing that may result in high risk to data subjects.

Subject access management

Protect data subjects’ rights by honouring their requests for information access, rectification, erasure and portability.


Protect the personal data you outsource to external parties,
such as a payroll service company.

Data breach management

Properly manage responses and report personal data breaches to the appropriate authorities.


GDPR’s intuitive interface will enable you to manage  your data protection process from all devices via the cloud. It will integrate with your employee directory and provide access to multiple users. It is also scalable and flexible.


GDPR365’s central record-keeping tools will ensure that you have a complete audit trail.


GDPR’s status tool will show your progress towards compliance. 

GDPR365 can help you prepare for the GDPR. Our team will help you understand how the regulation applies to you and provide a self-service tool with concrete steps to achieve and ensure ongoing GDPR compliance.

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