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Master your GDPR employee training with 3 simple steps

How your company complies with GDPR has a lot to do with how aware your individual employees are. Your staff doesn’t need to be reminded of the importance of privacy, but they may need better training to understand exactly how to live up to the expectations of data controllers today. We’ll look at three ways … Continued

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Why GDPR awareness training is necessary for all your employees?

Now that the General Data Privacy Regulation is in place, you’ll have looked at where personal data flows through your business. You’ll also have adjusted your systems or implemented new systems so that you can be compliant with the law.The message about personal data security should’ve reached all your staff members, whether they collect, process, … Continued

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Stay on GDPR rails when hiring a new compliance manager

Just when you thought your GDPR compliance journey was on track, your compliance manager hands in notice and you have one month to find a replacement. The options are: a) panic or b) rest assured that the transition to a new manager will be smooth. But what would be the best route to ensuring no … Continued

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