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What to expect with the new ICO data subject access request guidelines

The ICO recently published new guidelines to further explain the rules regarding a data subject access request (DSAR). This was welcome news for a number of people who were confused about certain scenarios. We’ll look at the basics of the DSAR and how the ICO is providing more concrete examples for data controllers to better … Continued

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3 steps you need to take for a Legitimate Interest assessment

A Legitimate Interest Impact Assessments (LIA) is a specific type of risk assessment, and as such, needs to be treated with some degree of gravity. If you choose to rely on legitimate interests, you are taking on extra responsibility for considering and protecting people’s rights and interests. The legitimate interests can be your own interests … Continued

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Lessons from the Outcome of the ICO’s Audit of the Department for Education

When the Department for Education (DfE) received complaints regarding how the department managed its National Pupil Database, the response from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) was to perform a thorough audit of the practices at the DfE. In early 2020, the ICO issued a statement regarding its findings. We’ll look at the lessons from the … Continued

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