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GDPR365 compliance software was developed to simplify and provide collaborative GDPR compliance. Organisations must not only comply. They must be able to demonstrate their compliance. GDPR365 was built in response to the regulation’s requirements.
save time and money with GDPR software

Save time and money

Our workflows and templates make your work more efficient. You can assign tasks to colleagues and see their comments on the item. You can generate customised management and operational reports in one click.

Demonstrate compliance with a GDPR software

Demonstrate compliance

We auto generate your technical and security measures, customer and privacy notices and your records of processing details. So whether it’s a customer, a   client, an employee or your supervisory authority you can show them the appropriate information to demonstrate your compliance.

grow with GDPR

Easy to get started

The GDPR is complex. Our software and workflows are so intuitive that you can focus on what you need to do, not how to do it. We can implement your existing documentation into the service to save you extra hassle, and we also provide training.

What our customers are saying…

“It certainly feels like GDPR365 has replaced the need for hiring a GDPR consultant.”
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Patrick Logue
Advanced Overwatch’s Managing Director
It’s very intuitive and guides users through areas such as privacy notices and data mapping in an easy and clear manner. We think it’s one of the one of the best tools and organisation can use to help in their journey toward compliance.
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Jim Sneddon
Assure Data
GDPR365 showed us areas where we didn’t think data was used and areas where we are questioning why we collect and process.
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Kevin Greenwell
Data Protection Officer
GDPR introduces a new principle of accountability. It’s not enough to just comply with the regulations - you have to be able to demonstrate compliance and prove the governance measures you’ve put in place. The GDPR365 compliance software will make this much easier to do and it’s just one of the ways in which it will help us.
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Andrew Guy
French Duncan
Intuitive, step by step, and does what it says on the tin. Covers most of what I expect a GDPR accountability platform to cover, with a good roadmap in place for the rest, at an excellent price point. (Source LinkedIn)
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Tash Whitaker
Global Data Protection Director

Managing your GDPR compliance

A customised plan

No two organisations are the same. Tell us your organisation’s size and processing practices and we’ll give you the step by step workflows and customised tools you’ll need for compliance.

GDPR compliance automated

We guide you through what you need to do and generate a gap analysis, as well as the notices, agreements and records you’ll need. We remind you of your outstanding and upcoming data protection tasks so you know what you need to do now and in the future.

Built for the GDPR

We don’t offer features based on plans – we give each business the features it needs for complete compliance, regardless of its size.

Collaborate, assign tasks and report

Storing your GDPR compliance audit trail securely in the cloud means you can easily update it and know that it’s always available. You can also respond to authorities and audits in one click with our auto generated documentation.

Trusted by over 400 organisations throughout Europe.

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