Providing the tools for initial and ongoing GDPR compliance

GDPR365 has you covered.

Compliance with the EU’s new data protection regulation is complex and requires teams to work effectively together. GDPR365’s intuitive interface and thoughtful workflows simplify the compliance process by organising it into clear, simple assignable tasks via a cloud-based hub.

After a self-assessment and data mapping exercise, your business or organisation will gain access to tools for organising and managing:

  • Subject access requests
  • Data breach incidents
  • Records of processing
  • Privacy notices
  • Governance policies
  • Employee awareness and training
  • HR, marketing, consent and data security compliance

Reports provide visibility and accountability with complete oversight of all compliance open and resolved issues.

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GDPR’s intuitive interface will enable you to manage  your data protection process from all devices via the cloud. It will integrate with your employee directory and provide access to multiple users. It is also scalable and flexible.


GDPR365’s central record-keeping tools will ensure that you have a complete audit trail.


GDPR’s status tool will show your progress towards compliance. 


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